3 Deep Breaths

by | Sep 5, 2021

Have you ever reacted in a moment, maybe without thinking, and later regretted your actions? Have you ever said something in a heated situation and later wished you could retract the words? Have you ever wished you could have, or would have, taken a minute before you acted? Have you found yourself feeling guilt or regret time and time again? 

Do you want to change the narrative? 

What if you could? What if you did? 

What if proactive solutions were possible? 

What would happen if, in the moment, you instead used your personal power, stopped yourself, took a step back, and took three deep breaths (in your nose and out of your mouth) before you chose to speak a word or to act? 

What if you then responded with intention and clarity instead of reacting from instinct in the moment? 

How could those small, actionable alterations impact the dynamic, the story, or the conversation?

How could three breaths benefit your work, your relationships, your hopes, your home, or your dreams? 

How could three breaths repair your patterns of behavior and the patterns in your relationships? 

How could a few moments spent breathing enhance various areas of your life? 

Could three deep breaths minimize unproductive conflict? 

Could three deep breaths enhance perspective?

How could three deep breaths increase your peace?

Could three deep breaths impact nearly everything?

Could you try breathing and see? 

Contributed by: Merrell Miles, Intern

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