Learning to Let Go

by | Jul 17, 2020


1) It is not your responsibility to “fix” or “save” your partner by telling them what they should change about themselves

2) Seek to praise, NOT to criticize

3) Learn to appreciate the little things that your partner does righ


1) It is unrealistic to expect a perfect partner when you are imperfect

2) Don’t ask for more from your partner than you give

3) You have to create the relationship you want- not just expect it to be perfect

4) You will get out of your relationship what you put in

5) It’s not their job to make you “feel good”- you have to take ownership of your personal responsibility to feel good about yourself


1) You should love and respect your partner- not try to control them

2) You are two separate people working to build a relationship together- you cannot control the outcome but you can influence it

3) Allow them to BE WHO THEY ARE- not who you want them to be- practice acceptance and if they truly want you happy, they will make reasonable accommodations

4) Stop being possessive- You do not OWN your partner- give them room to breathe and grow independently

5) Find balance- you don’t always have to be right- learn to compromise


1) Let go of jealousy and your own insecurities

2) Learn to let go of fear and learn to trust

3) Be confident in your partner and in yourself

4) Until they give you a reason not to trust them, you should give them the opportunity to demonstrate that they are trustworthy

5) Lose the “what-ifs” and embrace “what is”


1) No one wants to carry someone else’s emotional baggage

2) Start fresh and leave the past behind

3) Make peace with your past so that it does not keep you from moving forward

4) Give more and take less


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