Secrets of A Very Happy Wife

by | Jul 17, 2020

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According to the National Marriage Project or the University of Virginia, “wives who report being very happy with their marriages- who are less prone to divorce- aren’t just lucky.” They take action to make their marriage the best despite their situations or circumstances. Here are the 5 predictors of happy wives:

1) They have a satisfying sex life. Yes, I think most women would agree that the bedroom is a definite predictor of marital satisfaction. If the bedroom isn’t blissful (for both partners!), then the relationship will struggle.

2) They are committed to their husbands. Despite immediate challenges, these happy wives look at long-term benefits. They know that whatever comes their way- they can make it TOGETHER. Divorce is not the first reaction to difficulties in the marriage.

3) They love generously. Generous love- small acts of kindness along the way. Not counting the costs of loving to much (what if he doesn’t reciprocate or maybe he doesn’t deserve my love right now because I’m angry with him), but giving freely and openly receiving.

4) They nurture a family mentality. Happy wives make time for their family. They embrace the idea of having a family and nurturing their children.

5) They enjoy and pursue social support. Especially support from friends and family who also have spouses and children and take marriage seriously. If you are always seeking advice from your single friends, you will likely get “single” advice (Girl, I don’t see how you put up with that- I would leave.) Although they have good intentions, they may not always understand the commitment factor in being married and not dating. They may also seek support from their church or local mom’s support groups (Mom’s Meetups, etc).

As a married mom, I would have to say that these predictors are pretty accurate for a happy wife. Although I see many other factors that contribute to overall marital satisfaction, the one’s listed above look promising for couples seeking marital success. Fulfilling sex life, commitment, generosity, expressions of love, positive mentality and social support play key roles in making a “very happy” wife. Check out this article and others at www.nationalmarriageproject.org.

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