Sensitivity & Strength: Allies, Not Enemies

by | Sep 5, 2021

Some are not accepting of feelings, of sensitivity, or softness, and of the power of these attributes. I challenge this, and I hope that if you do not currently, you eventually will, too.

It is powerful, it is strong, it is life-giving, and it is life-building to be aware of, to recognize, to experience, and to express all feelings. 

To laugh wildly at a funny joke, maybe laughing til you cry, maybe rolling on the floor, maybe stomping your feet. 

To cry if you’re feeling sad. 

To tell someone, maybe to write a letter, when you’re feeling angry. 

To express love loudly, with open arms, grand or simple gestures, true words, and an open heart. 

To process your feelings through the expressive arts—through singing, making music, painting, writing poetry, drawing, coloring, creating. 

To share your stories with self-respect and honesty, acknowledging all the ways those moments affected you, and addressing the ways that they continue to impact you. 

To be true to yourself and your feelings, living in awareness and authentic expression. 

Being aware of emotions and expressing them in adaptive, healthy ways can strengthen a sense of serenity, can build our relationships, can improve our interpersonal skills, can help us meet our needs, can assist us in caring for our health, can enhance our careers, and can ultimately benefit every aspect of life. 

Sensitivity helps us recognize the feelings of others, helps us respond in empathy, help us act with mindfulness, helps us respect others, and helps us respect ourselves. Sensitivity helps us care for plants, for animals, for homes, and for environments. 

Sensitivity and strength are allies, not enemies. 

Contributed by: Merrell Miles, Intern

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