by | Sep 5, 2021


The quick solution isn’t it.

I’ve written quite a lot about sustainability and how it applies to our habits, our routines, and our choices in general. A sustainable foundation does more for us than quick, random solutions ever could.

There’s a time when we need something to fill an immediate need.

There is a time and a place for a quick, impromptu solution, but this can’t be our primary method of living. Quick solutions usually come at quite the cost.

There are times when a granola bar is better than nothing, but a granola bar is relatively nothing compared to the sustenance and nutrients of a planned, real meal.

There are times when a cup of coffee keeps a head awake and off of a desk, but a cup of coffee has nothing on the healing power of a full night’s sleep.

There are times when last-minute cramming for an exam may be necessary, but a few hours of cramming information into memory aren’t nearly as impactful and long-lasting as routinely practiced academic or intellectual habits.

There are places and moments for quick solutions. These are not, however, replacements for intentional living that meets our needs in healthy, sustainable ways.

This poses a challenge, though, because healthy, well-rounded, need-meeting routines require much more dedication and planning than impromptu solutions.

What can we do?

We can set boundaries that protect our time and enable us to have our needs met.

We can implement manageable, productive routines within the protection of those boundaries.

Contributed by: Merrell Miles, Intern

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